Named the most respected people in the world

Названы самые уважаемые люди мира

Technogiant the Creator of Microsoft bill gates and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has once again topped the list of most respected people in the world, according to the annual rating research company YouGov.

The undisputed leaders of studies have confirmed its planetary love. So, if Jolie was the most admired woman in 2015, when it introduced the separation of the floor, then his title gates did not concede even once.

They are followed by former President and first lady of the United States – Barack and Michelle Obama. Closes the top three most respected men actor Jackie Chan, and the third most admired woman was Oprah Winfrey, who pushed Hillary Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II.

In General, if the list of the most popular members of the fairer sex dominated by representatives of the entertainment industry – actress, singer or TV presenters, among men, the respect earned mostly politicians, athletes and businessmen.

The current President of the United States Donald trump last year has risen in the ranking of respected by one position and took 16th place, behind such fellow as XI (4), Vladimir Putin (6) and Narendra modi (8).

The study was conducted in December 2017, of the 37 thousand respondents from 35 countries.

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