Named things that will soon disappear forever from car

Названы вещи, которые скоро навсегда исчезнут из автомобилей

Automotive experts called things that would forever leave the car in the near future.

Private analysts have said, what changes will occur in the future equipment of salons of cars.

In particular, modern cars will be produced without rear view mirrors. This may be due to the fact that Japanese engineers have long been outfitting their cars with cameras comprehensive review, so the refusal is not a new solution.

You can also bulk end production of vehicles with mechanical steklooboyami. In the past five years will find almost no modern car that was equipped with this mechanic. The exception is the budget model, but the global trend will soon lead to the fact that even the cheapest cars will be produced with electric.

In the near future, manufacturers will completely abandon the standard ignition key. Many car brands, such as Volkswagen have long been outfitting their cars with Keyless entry systems.

The biggest failure can be a dashboard, which will replace a full touchscreen display with same features.

In General, experts believe that it is not just empty conjecture, but rather the future of the global automotive industry.

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