Named unusual symptoms of diabetes

Названы необычные признаки диабета

According to British doctors, the presence of diabetes may indicate unusual characteristics – in particular, problems with sleep, night sweating and amazingly vivid dreams.

Diabetes develops when pancreas produces insufficient insulin or when the body stops him react. As a result, violated mechanisms of control of blood sugar that affects the General wellbeing and causes a variety of symptoms.

British doctors have concluded that some of these signs, beeping about diabetes can be trouble sleeping.

“If a person is faced with insomnia, suffering from sweating, and sees an unusually vivid dreams, it may be associated with hypoglycemia or fall in blood sugar levels, one of the characteristic signs of diabetes,” the specialists said.
When arising the suspicion of hypoglycemia, doctors recommend to check the level of blood sugar.

The doctors said that the development of diabetes in humans can indicate unusual dark spots on the skin that occur due to excess of insulin circulating in the blood. Often these spots first appear in the legs.

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