INVESTIGATION A 35-year-old man, suspected of having stabbed at least two people with a syringe during the music festival in Nancy, was placed in police custody

Nancy: A man suspected of having pricked two people with a syringe during the Music Festival arrested

A police car in intervention in Paris (illustration). — Clément Follain/20 Minutes

The facts occurred on Tuesday evening during the music festival at; Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle). An elderly man of 35 years has been placed on guard at; seen Wednesday around 1 a.m., suspecté to have stung “ at least two people » with syringes, indicated the city prosecutor's office.

The suspect was arrested by the police who found two syringes in his bag back, clarified the public prosecutor, François Pérain.

She films the aggressor

Earlier in the evening, one of the victims had gone to see police officers on patrol shortly after midnight, indicating that he had been pricked by an individual whose description she was able to give and specifying « filming it » , added the magistrate. According to the first elements of the investigation, the victim told that a man « was thrown away a first time on her, then s’’ leading to an awkwardness ». A few seconds later, she felt « an injection in the right trapezium ». Seeing the man walk away, she followed him and filmed him. before going to the police.

“ The film was a good representation of the person arrested, » the floor. At the same time, another victim alerted another police patrol to denounce similar facts, giving « a description of his attacker » . A description identical to that of the first victim… This second victim explained to the investigators having discussed with the suspect who then grabbed her on the right wrist. Pushing him away, she felt « an injection in the arm ». She then went to the emergency room and obtained a medical certificate « indicating a trace of a sting ».

Urgent toxicological analyses

The prosecution has requested toxicological analyzes « urgent » blood samples taken from the two victims, the results of which will be known « within 48 hours ». “ For the moment, nothing allows us to say that a product has been injected », underlined; the prosecutor.

The suspect is said to be a homeless man, already known to justice for two cases. His custody view will be extended, clarified; parquet.