Nancy : A scam is costing the Urssaf more than 700,000 euros

Tickets € (photo illustration). — LODI FRANCK/SIPA

End of the game for a man placed in police custody to Nancy. He is suspected of having organized a system of fraud in the CONSTRUCTION sector.

What is the principle ? The suspect was creating a number of businesses short-lived with a maximum life span of a year and a half, through which he employed undeclared workers and not paying any social security benefit, specified to the AFP the research section (SR) of Nancy. The individual, careful and who saw big, had, however, created a company that paid the benefits, but not used in reality as smoke screen for the companies to be fraudulent. And this allowed him above all to have access to large groups of the building.

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Other governments and agencies are affected

In total, at least a dozen of sites in the Meurthe-et-Moselle would be affected and the scam would have cost more than 700,000 euros to Urssaf. Other organizations or agencies (Taxes, CAF, Pôle emploi) would also be flouées by this type of crime and will be entitled to demand compensation,” said the rcmp in a press release, and reports the AFP. To date, over 90,000 euros were seized from the bank accounts of the companies involved, according to the release.

The suspect faces a penalty of up to ten years imprisonment and a 100,000 euros fine.

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