Nantes: Arrested for the theft of 534 kg of shrimp

Illustration of prawns — JOEL SAGET / AFP

The story does not say if they had enough jars of mayonnaise. Two men were arrested on Monday evening on the airport of Nantes-Atlantic, after having stolen dozens of kilos of raw shrimp and frozen, reported Thursday night the force of Reze. The accomplices have been spotted while they were loading crates into the trunk of a car near the fence of the business where the theft was committed shortly before 23h.

Employee of household

The main suspect, a 28 year old male, is in fact an employee of the household of this company of storage of food products, based in Saint-Aignan de Grand-Lieu. It would be a total steal 534 kg of shrimp, to a prejudice of 9.600 euros. Always according to the gendarmerie, he had each time taken care to deviate from the surveillance cameras of the site in order to commit the theft.

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