PREVENTION High school students from sports sections attended a workshop on the prevention of sexual violence. A moment of discussion synonymous with awareness among these aspiring athletes

 Nantes: Faced with sexual violence in sport, high school students are learning the behaviors to adopt

sexual violence in sport was at the heart of discussions in the classes of a high school in Nantes. – L. Bonaventure/AFP

  • At the Lycée de La Colinière, 151 athletic students work flexible hours.
  • These students attended workshops on the prevention of sexual violence in sport, under the leadership of Team Elles.
  • Workshops that intervene in the middle of the Pinot-Schmitt affair.

It & rsquo; is a very special workshop in which participated; more than 150 students from Lyc & eacute; e La Colini & egrave; re, & agrave; Nantes. This Tuesday morning, the teenagers in the judo sports section of the establishment are not taking out notebooks and pencils. Not even the kimono. With a specialist speaker, they will discuss the issue of sexual violence in sport for 1.5 hours. It is & nbsp; Luna N & rsquo; haoua-Jamet, representative of Team Elles, a female cycling team in the Pays de la & nbsp; Loire, who intervenes.

& ldquo; & ldquo; If you don & # 39; t feel comfortable with what we are going to say to each other, do not hesitate share it & rsquo ;. The tone is set. It must be said that the subject is far from being trivial: & nbsp; one athlete in seven & nbsp; would be the victim of sexual violence before the age of 18 in Europe, after a 2015 study. & Ldquo; & nbsp; & nbsp; This is an extremely taboo subject, but unfortunately all disciplines are concerned, & rsquo; indicates the speaker at high school sports. & ldquo; We & rsquo; s not confronted with the subject but we hear a lot about it & rdquo; & rdquo; explains a student, in reference to the subject. the Pinot-Schmitt affair, o & ugrave; Alain Schmitt is accused & oacute; domestic violence against Olympic champion Margaux Pinot. A & ldquo; & ldquo; serious and shocking & nbsp; & rsquo; case, after high school students.

 Nantes: Faced with sexual violence in sport, high school students learn the behaviors to adopt

In Nantes, the pupils of the sports sections of a high school have followed a workshop on the prevention of sexual violence in sport. – P-A. Aubry/20 Minutes

During this workshop, all the themes around sexual violence in sport are discussed: & nbsp; the domination between the coach and the coach. to hazing. & ldquo; And also as a witness to sexual violence, why may it be difficult to speak ?, asks Luna. & ldquo; & nbsp; & ccedil; it may be risky for our career, & rsquo; answers a student. Another & ldquo; & ldquo; & nbsp; & nbsp; the weight of the federations & nbsp; & raquo ;. A large part is also left behind. the concept of consent. A scenario is then approached; between a coach and his player, o & ugrave; the coach puts a hand on the athlete's buttocks during an exercise. & ldquo; In a coach/coach relationship, you can say & rdquo; any time you don't agree. When you have a doubt, it & rsquo; there is no doubt & nbsp; & rdquo;, martin the speaker.

& ldquo; & nbsp; Their relationship to the body is particular & nbsp; & raquo;

A moment of exchange that allows a certain awareness in some, even if the subject is not prohibited in the conversations of these high school students. & ldquo; & ldquo; I & rsquo; especially retained the ways to react & rsquo; certain cases, which we did not necessarily know before. We also understand better why some assaulted do not speak & nbsp; & rsquo ;, explains one of the final year students after the workshop. Workshops led by Team Elles & nbsp; and its coordinator since last June, with schools and sports clubs in the region.

& laquo; & nbsp; We have to make them understand that their relationship to the body is particular, and that the barrier between what is acceptable and what is not is finer, & rdquo; concludes Luna N & rsquo; haoua-Jamet. Young women feel more vulnerable. & ldquo; They explain to me sexist remarks about their sports outfits, for example & raquo ;. If the hearts are changing, the work is still long. It is up to these aspiring athletes to become aware of it.