Nantes: medieval remains discovered under the square Fleuriot

The square Fleuriot starts — Nantes métropole

  • A building made of glass, which must accommodate a store Uniqlo, is planned for the spring of 2019.
  • Patrimony remains were discovered a few days ago during archaeological excavations.

Since this summer, the square Fleuriot de Lange, not to Trade, is in the works. Objective : the opening in 2019 of a large building all in glass, which is expected to house the teaches japanese Uniqlo. If the project aims to strengthen the commercial attractiveness of the city centre, it has aroused comments upon its launch. After the criticisms around the architectural project and the lack of greenery made, it is the recent discovery of archaeological remains that is of concern.

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A few days ago, archaeologists have unearthed elements of the heritage of the city dating back to the Middle Ages, and, in particular, a part of the wall of the tower of the Constable, was unveiled to the Press Ocean.

But according to Johanna Rolland, who confirmed the information Thursday, this is neither a surprise nor a problem. “We knew that there would be a topic, writes the mayor of Nantes. It is for this reason that we have taken the responsibility to make a diagnosis, on our own money “.

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The option of a glass floor

Three options are therefore on the table, to the assessment of heritage experts, whose opinion (advisory) is expected in ten days. “Or they decide that it fills, the remains will be preserved in concrete, details of Johanna Rolland. The third choice, which is of interest to the metropolis and the promoter, it is of value. “

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In practical terms, a floor, while glass may be installed so that visitors could in the future enjoy some of these vestiges, once the completed building. The building permit is expected to be concluded in mid-November.

The building to be erected at the location of the square Fleuriot in Nantes. – agency Plattform