Nantes: Theft, drug trafficking… sweep an area of people of the trip

A big operation took place Friday morning at the camp of the Meadow — national Gendarmerie

A big crackdown was carried out this Friday morning on the camp of the people of the journey of the Clearing, meadow of Purple to the east of Nantes. According to the gendarmerie, not less than 270 members of the forces of order, including 120 CRS, have been mobilized under the request of the prosecutor of the Republic.

The operation consisted in the apprehension of several persons suspected ofhaving committed various offences, between burglaries and vehicle thefts.

Traffic cannabis

The five wanted persons have been arrested, indicates the force. In addition, significant quantities of drugs were discovered on this site of approximately 125 acres (including hundreds of cannabis plants, plots ploughed, various storage areas and more cultivated areas).

An outlet that allows you to establish ” the existence of a traffic of hundreds of thousands of euros “, says the police. A dozen stolen vehicles were also seized.

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