Nantes: This is what it will look like the new busways giants and are 100% electric

The manufacturer Hess prepares the future e-busway in nantes, france — Hess

  • The arrival of the new e-busways, to increase the capacity of the line 4, to be precise.
  • 22 vehicles, the largest and 100% electric, will start to be delivered here for about a year.

We should see the first by a year in the city. In project since 2015, the arrival of the new busways giants and are 100% electric to be precise. Friday, the elected representatives of Nantes métropole, to vote a budget of almost € 53 million for the acquisition of this new rolling stock is innovative.

A pretty penny ($10 million more than expected) that will allow for the purchase of 22 busways bi-articulated, whose look has been unveiled on Thursday. “The e-bus looks like a tram, and it is done on purpose,” notes Bertrand Afillé, vice-president in charge of transport.

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More big and clean

If the vehicle, built by the swiss company Hess, will not reach the capacity of a tram, the first objective is to accommodate more passengers (35 %). From 110 to 150 seats (this busway will measure 24 meters long), it will allow 55.000 additional passengers to be transported each day on the line 4 of the network in nantes, france, arrived at saturation for several years.

But the great innovation of this busway, which has no equivalent in Europe, is its 100% electric technology : the journey (20 minutes) will be insured without any emission of pollutants and will save 1.330 tons of CO2 per year. For the users, the promise of less discomfort sound and better comfort on board, ” smooth “. Level driving, the manufacturer shall ensure that its “two-axle steerable” it will give the same maneuverability that a bus articulated 18 meters.

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Development planned

In parallel, the commissioning of these e-busways, which will be completed by the end of 2019, will require the implementation of various works, the cost of which is included in the envelope submitted to a vote Friday.

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Accommodations will be made place Foch, but also porte de Vertou or four terminals of refills will be installed. It is also in this zone, one kilometre to the south that will be built the new filing technique to accommodate the fleet of vehicles. The route of the busway will then be extended beyond the device.