Narcissism contributes to the moral stability

Нарциссизм способствует моральной устойчивости

It meant victory in his sport, but his success formula can be extended to all aspects of human activities or of human nature.

In General, scientific data show that such people have a calmness and confidence that allows them to Excel in conditions of high requirements to quality and speed of work.

In order to test the relationship between mental stability and such features as narcissism, a tendency to manipulate others and psychopathy psychologists surveyed 210 pairs of identical twins. As expected, narcissism showed positive correlations with all the factors of mental resilience: the more the man was narcissistic and focused on yourself, the more productive he functioned his psyche.

However, the surprise of scientists psychopathy and the human tendency to manipulate others showed a negative correlation with most of the signs and factors of moral “strength”. The study authors explain that “narcissism is a qualitatively unique trait, which represents the positive and negative aspects of human social behavior”.

Apart from the fact that mental toughness is directly affected by key personality traits, also may be involved and genetic factors. The study of twins confirmed that the “strength” of the psyche largely depends on hereditary factors.

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