Narcissistic people are less likely to suffer from stress and depression — scientists

Самовлюбленные люди реже страдают от стрессов и депрессий — ученые

Narcissistic people are much less prone to stress and depression, British scientists have found. According to them, narcissism can be considered as an important evolutionary advantage, giving the man psychological resistance, the press service of the Queen’s University in Belfast.

Narcissism is considered to be not just unpleasant, but dangerous trait. Narcissism is part of the so-called “dark tetrad” of personality, along with psychopathy with Machiavellianism (a desire to grossly manipulate people to achieve their goals) and sadism.

It is believed that people with severe narcissism are prone to risky behavior, can not adequately assess their own abilities, too confident and show empathy to other people.
But if this trait is so toxic, why hasn’t she disappeared as a result of natural selection, moreover, is becoming more common in the modern world? To answer this question, the authors of the new study analyzed the personality traits of several hundred volunteers. People were asked to complete the questionnaire and to talk about their daily lives.

It turned out that participants with high levels of narcissism were the most psychologically stable. This feature helped them to compensate for the symptoms of depression. In addition, they are much easier endured stress and therefore, in General, positively evaluated his life.

“The results of all studies we have conducted show that narcissism is associated with such positive components of mental resilience, like confidence and determination, protection from symptoms of depression and perceived stress,” – said the author of the scientific work of Dr. Costas Papageorgiou.

Scientists have noted that certain traits, such as narcissism, cannot be regarded as unequivocally “bad”. They are products of evolution and manifestations of human nature, and can be both harmful and useful depending on context.

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