NASA astronauts on the lie detector have proven the existence of aliens

American astronaut buzz Aldrin and three of his companions were tested on lie detector to prove that I really saw in space aliens.

Астронавти NASA на детекторі брехні довели існування інопланетян

Astronauts were tested using the latest technologies, reports Rus.Media.

Institute bioacoustics biology in Albany, Ohio, conducted a comprehensive computer analysis of the validity of the words of the astronauts who assure the public that the moon and outer space was faced with these aliens. The study involved buzz Aldrin, Alfred Merrill worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper.

During his mission to the moon in 1969, the astronauts were faced with representatives of alien races, but not all skeptics believe the words of the astronauts. A polygraph test proved that all men tell the truth.

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