NASA found 250 meteors in the glaciers of Antarctica

ANSMET expedition program is designed to search coming down to Earth particles of the cosmos on the territory of the South pole. The last expedition discovered, on the small plot 250 of meteorites.

NASA виявило 250 метеоритів в льодовиках Антарктиди

Barbara Cohen is one of the experts past ANSMET expedition in the area of the Transantarctic mountains, which can be almost every. She told me how NASA experts searching for meteorites and why do it in Antarctica. It turned out that in this part of the planet is part of space and asteroids to land more often and almost absolute cold allows them to be stored until the arrival of the freight forwarders.

The cold climate of the pole does not allow to develop microorganisms to survive and large animals, making the meteorite landed almost intact – it’s very helpful in NASA studies. ANSMET managed to assemble elements of moon and Mars, as well as particles of the destroyed asteroid. Just the history of ANSMET has collected more than 22 thousand meteorites. The detection of the stone, scientists record the exact coordinates and placed in a sterile package for greater precision in further studies.

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