NASA has shown an amazing photo of Mars

NASA показало удивительные фото Марса

Today, space Agency NASA has released new photographs from the surface of Mars, clearly showing something like spiders, the dark clots of nowhere with spikes, visually resembling spider legs. And while some users have been racking my brain over what it is and what it would say NASA and the Agency then explained that the photographs seen by the users. The fact that the images obtained from the red Planet through a special research satellite MRO – Mast Reconnaissance Orbiter – captures nothing more than a special type of mound obrushaemoj these processes, which are the dark traces of Martian dust.

Such a detailed and logical explanation, of course, some users are upset – many of us somehow want to believe in life on Mars and aliens – but in fact it is not. This mound belongs to the special shape of the surface, called “arrayforkey”, which appears under the influence of increased pressure pushing out from under the planet’s surface.

And this happens because Mars is now in the midst of a fairly strong and dynamic weather of the season in which the ice of carbon dioxide gradually heats up under the surface and then releases a gas which forms such that black dots are substituted for “spiders”. When this solar wind bulk spreading dust in all directions, and the production of gas often accompanied by such micro-eruptions from beneath the surface of Mars, where is concentrated most of all volumetric gas – this causes the formation of a layer of the Martian mounds.

However, despite the completely logical and scientific support of this process, scientists and researchers are still interested a lot of these processes, since the understanding of their nature might escape an understanding of what factors have greater influence on terramarina planets and their evolution in General. Given the fact that the NASA team from the MRO project has not yet fully studied the main and the basic points of this process, it becomes clear that they have to conduct many more studies and simulations.


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