NASA said that the world reserves of drinking water are in danger

В NASA заявили, что мировые запасы питьевой воды находятся в опасности

NASA experts say that all drinking water supplies in the world are in danger.

The experts identified the most important sources of fresh water, and their study using satellite data shows that they are all under threat, as more and more people pumped drinking water from the ground. The reservoirs are reduced, without having to be replenished. This means that soon the most important sources of fresh water can shoal or even go blank.

“This is the first case when we used observations from several satellites for a complete assessment of how changing access to fresh water everywhere on Earth,” said Matt Rodell (Matt Rodell) from space flight Center Goddard in Greenbelt, Maryland. His team of 14 years studied the condition of freshwaters in 34 regions of the world with a probe GRACE.

A study published in the journal Nature, shows that climate change, excessive consumption of water by humans and natural cycles devastate the main sources.

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