NASA showed the ridiculous video with the astronauts, who moved awkwardly on the moon

NASA показало смешной ролик с космонавтами, которые неуклюже передвигаются по Луне

Space Agency NASA released a video assembled from frames of failed attempts, the astronauts move on the moon’s surface. The footage the astronauts out of balance or awkward fall on the surface of the satellite.

Video compilation of shots from the Apollo missions, then the astronauts moved on the moon’s surface jumping. However, to move in low gravity is not so easy, which proves the video.

One of the reasons for the decline is the fact that, despite the reduction in the weight on the moon, the mass remains unchanged. Therefore, the inertia associated with mass, not with weight, also remains unchanged.

As the astronauts move on the moon

What is the mission Apollo?
This is a program of manned space flight NASA with landing on the moon. It began in 1961 and was completed in 1975. These six flights — the only time in history when people landed on another space body.

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