NASA will send a spacecraft to the Sun

NASA отправит корабль на Солнце

NASA has confirmed plans to launch a space probe Solar Probe Parker in August 2018, the newspaper Daily Mail. After launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida and the spacewalk, the ship will accelerate to a speed of 700 thousand kilometers per hour and take a course in the Sun.

Conclusion spacecraft into orbit will provide the Delta IV Heavy rocket. From a distance of 6.5 million kilometres the craft will collect data on solar activity and will help scientists predict the direction of the “emissions” in the sun, and will also allow experts to calculate the consequences of electromagnetic storms in the future.

To protect the electronics from the terrible temperature will be a special octagonal carbon shield. The device will take over most of the thermal energy and will heat up to a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius. Conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy will power the onboard systems and to provide comfort for electronics work temperature of 30 degrees.

The journey will take at least seven years — only to 2024, breaking the nearly 150 million kilometers, the Parker Solar Probe will get to work and start transmitting the first data.

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