NASA will send to Mars robotic scouts, equipped with wings

NASA отправит на Марс роботов-разведчиков, снабженных крыльями

Robots sent to Mars, called “Martian bees”.

Experts NASA will send to Mars robotic scouts, equipped with wings. According to the publication Science Alert, the development involved the group of scientists from Japan and the USA, reports

Robots called “Martian bees”. They are designed to obtain data on atmospheric pressure and samples of regolith (Martian soil) on the red planet.

According to the expectations of the developers, the robots will act in groups. Periodically they will come back to recharge on the mobile base of the Rover. If a robot falls, the other bees will be able to raise it and then transfer it to the database.

Now NASA is working on the technical feasibility of the project. Testing robots takes place in a vacuum chamber in which experts are studying the aerodynamics of flying robots in the conditions of the Martian atmosphere. Preliminary studies have shown that “Martian bees” will be able to create a sufficient lifting force for flying.

To work on a NASA project gave a group of scientists from USA and Japan, $125 million Science Alert notes that Japanese developers have created “robot Hummingbird“ which is able to rise into the air on Earth. Now it will have to adapt to the more rarefied Martian atmosphere.

2 December 2014 NASA has announced its intention to send humans to Mars in the 30-ies of this century.

In November 2015, NASA announced the start of exploration of the space for the landing expedition to Mars.

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