Nastya Kamensky told how he first tried vodka

Настя Каменских рассказала, как впервые попробовала водку

Popular Ukrainian singer revealed that growing a real bully, only as a Tomboy in “the district” no one called. However, the mother tried to keep her daughter in tight rein, which encouraged the girl to rebel. The rebellion resulted in the revelry with all the consequences.

The future singer, and at that time 14-year-old teenager, first tasted vodka for the school garage. “Once punched in the nuts” — says the singer in an interview with the host of the program “social life” Katya Osadchaya. Then the celebrity tells how carefully snuck over to mom didn’t notice the drunk’s daughter, and went to bed. On Nastya’s happiness no one saw her. However, the artist belonged to one of those teenagers who knew how to drink. In an interview Osadchaya Kamenskaya said he would not give his haters a reason to gloat or to RUB their hands in anticipation of shameful sensations: “I could drink. I have no one and nowhere to be seen in poor condition. You want such a cool story in which I was lying drunk under the table, but will disappoint you – it never was.”

The love of alcohol and tobacco was the singer with transitional age. Nastya, in her own words it won’t pin. Already at the prom, the girl was simply sheath. However, with a party in honor of graduating high school, she ran away with a friend. However, even on the “adult” disco, where he announced yesterday’s Schoolgirls, no shame also did not happen.


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