Nastya Samburski showcased the sagging belly (photo)

The Network has criticized Anastasia Samburska for saggy belly

 Настя Самбурська виставила на показ обвислий живіт (фото)

Nastya Samburski always stood out a sports figure. Now subscribers Samborska, on the contrary, accuse her that she relaxed. One of the last shots they did not see the muscle belly of the actress, reports Rus.Media.

Nastya Samburski has published in his microblog another images that have been criticized Internet users. Members of the controversial artist was unhappy with her figure and weight.

“Where’s the press?”, “I think the early belly was more relief”, “swells Belly”, “Pump up the muscles for you, Nastya!””And growing fat!”, “Pregnant”, – said in comments followers Anastasia Samburska in Instagram.

 Настя Самбурська виставила на показ обвислий живіт (фото)

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