Natalia Mogilev admitted that he did not write songs to order

Наталья Могилевская призналась, что не пишет песни на заказ

Then she presented a new single “I Pochala” on the home parquet of the country, and then admitted – this song is a dedication and it is addressed to your loved one. However, the chosen of aristi in the hall was not, but glowing eyes, Natalia was more eloquent than any words. In an interview with “Facts,” singer said about what preceded the fateful meeting with her soul mate.

The star did not want to go into the details of his personal life, but willingly spoke about the sign of destiny, which brought her to the elect.

“I don’t want to share details of his personal life. Enough that I said his song “I Pochala”, which he dedicated to the beloved. By the way, is not the first time the song, written by me in advance becomes crucial. So it was with Heath “I danced” — he was born, and two weeks later I became a member of the z project Dances with stars. In early August I wrote “I Pochala”, not knowing that at the end of the month will be to embrace the man she loved,” he shared details of it.

The singer said that never writes songs in order – they come over as if under someone else’s dictation. She just doesn’t know how to create hits under duress. So it was with the song “Pokakala”. In the beginning there was the first line of the chorus, and then the main part of the composition.

“I remember how this song was born. First came the words: “Mom, I…” and myself think, because I already have a song about her mother. And then suddenly of course is born: “they Pakkala!” I Think: “Wow! Here it is!” — open up the artist.