Natalia Vodianova urged women not to be afraid to discuss menstruation

35-year-old Natalia Vodianova surprised fans candid post

Наталя Водянова закликала жінок не боятися обговорювати менструацію

The supermodel showed sanitary pad and encouraged to speak openly about periods, reports Rus.Media .

“Yes, you read that right, I have in my hand an ordinary sanitary napkin. Period is a natural part of any woman’s life, and I would like to see the theme of women’s health could be discussed freely in any country of the world. Let’s talk about it”, — wrote Natalia and noted under the photo of Doutzen Cruz, Emily Ratajkowski and alexina Graham, urging colleagues to join #PadManChallenge.

Followers of Natalia was divided into two camps. Some believe that about menstruation and womens health in General need to talk more often, especially with teenagers. Others think that such posts are unacceptable. “Please, stop! At least you don’t get fooled by these feminist nonsense! Well, you have leg and armpit shaving stop and tell everyone about it! But there’s something intimate to stay,” wrote one of podeschi Natalia. By the way, Vodianova appeared at events with hairy ankles.

Наталя Водянова закликала жінок не боятися обговорювати менструацію

«Sufficiently! Let’s not hide, do not need hypocritical neglect or Vice versa extra wrap obviously important topic that affects the lives and health of women every month — I’m talking about MENSTRUATION. Our monthly is an integral part of our feminine nature, the part that generates the emergence of new life. Why should we be ashamed of this?”she wrote then.

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