Natalie Portman has told of how she eats and her children

Натали Портман рассказала, как питается она и её дети

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman has admitted that she and her children adhere to a vegan lifestyle because it is “more natural,” reports the with reference to

37-year-old actress read the book Jonathan SAFRAN Foer “Eating animals” when waiting for their first child. Portman said read changed her perspective on what she wants to eat. “I became a vegan after reading this book, and a few years later I realized how remarkable this diet,” she says.

In particular, she likes that today there are vegetable replacement animal products – coconut milk, cheese, cashews and more.

Natalie Portman has voiced a documentary adaptation of the book. The film shows, in what conditions contain animals on traditional farms, how it affects climate change and more. According to the actress, her children Alef and Amalia “natural food”.

“We tend to eat vegetarian and vegan food in the house. It looks like a normal food that usually eat children”, — says the actress.

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