ABSENCES According to the Court of Auditors, these absences, of less than 15 days, alone represent 2.5 million hours per year

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Students in a college, September 2, 2021. – UGO AMEZ/SIPA

Almost 10% of college and high school class hours were taught. lost during the 2018-2019 school year, i.e. 24% more than the previous year, revealed the Court of Auditors in a study published this Thursday. These absences, of less than 15 days, represent & agrave; they alone 2.5 million hours per year. Among them, only one hour out of five is replaced, that is to say & nbsp; 500,000 hours.

Absences independent of the will; teachers

But if they are numerous, these absences are nonetheless independent of the will; teachers. In nearly two out of three cases, teachers' absences are linked to the problem. service obligations, such as training, a pedagogical meeting, an examination board or even a closure of an establishment linked to the institution. proof of the baccalaureate or patent.

According to the Court of Auditors, the proportion of teachers absent due to ordinary illness over a day is lower than that of private sector employees and other ministries.


According to the court's calculation, these 2.5 million hours of absences represent a cost of four billion euros. National Education must acquire & ldquo; & nbsp; a genuine strategy based on several pillars which still make it lacking: & nbsp; knowledge of the phenomenon, the prevention & nbsp; ; health, the means to limit and compensate for short-term absences & nbsp; & raquo;, recommends the Court of Auditors in its report.

Plut & ocirc; t than to recruit replacement teachers, the magistrates suggest to allow replacements between professors within the same establishment & nbsp; through overtime, & nbsp; referring even to the possibility of coercing teachers accept them. & nbsp; Among the other avenues, the Court of Auditors recommends & nbsp; the use of artificial intelligence & nbsp; to find the best niche in the event of teacher training, the replacement of teachers supervising trips and school trips or the recording of a course by video, broadcast; during an absence.