National Option says yes to Quebec solidaire

Activists of National Option, at least those having registered their vote, approved 90.7% of the merger with Quebec Solidaire, Sunday.

E bout 300 members had reported on this extraordinary congress held at Laval University. Finally, 209 voted: 186 for and 19 against, plus 4 ballots canceled or rejected.

Forty-three long-time members also left with a loud noise during the plenary session on the tentative agreement in the early afternoon. They denounced a pro-fusion “infiltration” by new and old militants who recently took their membership card and announced their intention to found a new independence party with the same program as the National Option, or even the same name.

At the time of announcing the result of the vote, a little after 5 pm, the national Option leader, Sol Zanetti, nevertheless welcomed a “clear result”. In front of the reporters a few minutes later, he added the qualifiers “assertive, positive, enthusiastic”.

“I think that today we are writing a page of history in the independence movement, which inspires moments of great beginnings,” he said, drawing a parallel with the 1960s.

According to the agreement, ON becomes a collective within Québec solidaire, which will emphasize independence in its political program.

Mr. Zanetti predicted a rise in support for the separatist cause since the left will speak with one voice and that “precisely we will go back to promote independence in elections.” And this from 2018.

The chief, whose resignation was requested by about 50 opponents of the merger with QS, accused his detractors of wanting to attract the attention of the media. “It could be predictable that those who were against the merger, feeling that they were not going to win the vote, decided that they were going to do a kind of baroud d’honneur. […] It is about forty people on a congress of 300 people. It would not have influenced the vote, even if they had stayed and voted against it, “he said.

“I find it really a shame to leave that way, to go out trying to sink the ship to make political capital and then found another party,” continued the leader. Although he himself compared the change to a “mourning”.

“The big family of the separatist left”

Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who arrived at Laval University at the end of the day, welcomed National Option members to “the great family of the separatist left”. “From now on, friends, we work together every day to create the country of Quebec we have been talking about for so long,” he said.

In their celebration of the regrouping of separatist forces, the two young political leaders did not talk about the Parti Québécois. It took the journalists to bring the subject to the carpet for Sol Zanetti to say a word about the opposition to the National Assembly. “What I want is for the Parti Québécois to get some rest of the questions, that is to say after the next election, that it decides to take the path of a socialist independence commitment. democrat to lay the groundwork for a possible discussion, “he argued.

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