National team of volleyball: the visit of may at the PEPS in danger

No final decision has been made yet, but everything suggests that the judgment of the national team of men’s volleyball in the FACILITY from 7 to 10 may will be delayed or simply canceled.

The pandemic of COVID-19 on a global scale has meant that the international volleyball Federation has postponed the start of the League of nations. The activities have not been cancelled, but they were postponed after the olympic Games, which, until further order, shall be concluded on the 9th of August in Japan.

“We evaluate our programs on a daily basis, mentioned the director-pane high-performance at Volleyball Canada, Julien Boucher. Our national centre in Gatineau is closed and the watchword is to stay at home. “

“I don’t want to speculate, but it is possible that we may not be able to travel to Quebec city,” continues Boucher. Two factors could explain that they could not do so, or that we don’t have players or not being able to travel. In the next few weeks, it will take a joint decision with the University. “

Expect the worst

Canada still has players in Europe. “There are a couple who have remained by choice and two by duty, said Boucher. Stephen Maar is still in Russia because the circuit continues its activities in front of the bleachers empty. In France and in Italy, the timetable has been pushed back and the players might not be paid if they left. As to Glenn (Hoag), it is still in Turkey. The season is over. The Cup of Turkey has been cancelled, and the playoffs have been displaced. “

If the appointment of may had to be concluded by a match simulated on the 9th, the canadian team could make it later in Quebec city in preparation for the olympic Games.

“If we cancel in may in Quebec city, we will look whether it is possible to move, said Boucher. I don’t have the impression that we are going to play this summer. We are planning for the best but expect the worst. “

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