Native language affects the ability of foreign study – study

Родной язык влияет на способность изучения иностранных – исследование

Learning languages – not an easy task and not all of it is given. But scientists have found that the more a new language like a native, the easier it is given to us.

The study involved 50,000 people from different countries, who in adulthood has taught Dutch language, reports 24.

It turned out that 70% of success in learning foreign depends on its similarity with the native language. So, speakers of Swedish and German is much better mastered Dutch, and the hardest had to speakers of Somali and Thai.

Scientists have created a statistical model that takes into account various factors: phonological, morphological and lexical. They covered all the difficulties that a person faces when learning a foreign language: the development of new sounds, learning the rules and memorizing new words.

The model showed that the more differences in these parameters between the language of the media and foreign, the worse the score on the exam.

The researchers argue that native language determines our ability to foreign. This means that some people initially advantages when learning languages.

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