NATO warns Canada to be wary of the propaganda of Russian language in Latvia

Photo: Andrew Vaughan, The canadian Press
The minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan, recalled on Sunday that the control of information has always been part of the global conflict.

The NATO secretary general asked the canadian government to remain vigilant with respect to cyber warfare Russian which manifests itself both on the battlefield and within its borders.


Jens Stoltenberg said that the canadian troops in Latvia are exposed to the propaganda of the Russian disseminated online to undermine the atlantic alliance. He adds that this type of tactic should soon make its appearance on the canadian territory.


Canada has sent hundreds of soldiers in Latvia to lead a battle group to NATO in an attempt to block ” the aggression of Russian in the baltic States. Mr Stoltenberg argues that Russia seems to be fighting back through a campaign of misinformation to digital.


False news


According to NATO, accounts, Russian spread on social media, false information on the canadian soldiers, in particular regarding bad behaviors they are said to have had, or still saying that the mission is expensive to Latvians.


During an interview Saturday, Jens Stoltenberg has stated that he does not believe that the best way to fight propaganda is with propaganda.


“Rather, it is providing facts, because we believe that the truth will prevail. “


The canadian minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan, reminded, Sunday, that the information battle has long since been a tool in the conflict in the world, but that the Internet provides today to these tactics, a wider scope.


“These are things that occurred before they appear on the social media, he told reporters at the international security Forum in Halifax. This is not new. “


The minister Sajjan said that the canadian soldiers present in Latvia are trying to counter these attacks in line by offering a positive example on the field.


“The best way to combat the false news is to get closer to communities, he argued. The Canadians will always have to do what they do best : going to build links. “


Negative campaign


Mr. Stoltenberg noted that the efforts allocated to Russia to give birth to an anti-NATO feelings in Latvia do not seem to have been successful, while polls suggest that the support of the population towards the atlantic alliance.


But in the interconnected world of ours, ” said Mr. Stoltenberg, the States must defend themselves against the alien attempts to sway public opinion not only abroad, but also within their own population.


The NATO secretary general emphasized that all military operations today have an implication on the Web.

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