Nausea in pregnancy: when is it not possible to postpone the visit to the doctor

What are the causes of nausea during pregnancy, and when you need to consult a doctor?

Нудота при вагітності: в яких випадках не можна відкладати візит до лікаря

In the period of carrying a child 90% of women face this problem as nausea, especially early on.

In most cases, the symptoms do not pose any threat to the health of either the mother or child. However, in some cases, the woman is still a doctor’s consultation and the appointment of a particular treatment, informs Rus.Media.

Нудота при вагітності: в яких випадках не можна відкладати візит до лікаря

There are a few causes of nausea in pregnancy:

  • Increasing the production of the hormone progesterone
  • The change in the digestive system
  • The weakening of the nervous and endocrine systems
  • The factor of heredity
  • Emotional instability or stress can increase the degree of nausea
  • Improper diet

In the process of nausea and vomiting of the female body are derived harmful substances which would adversely affect the health of the fetus. Many women have a strong immune system and lead a healthy lifestyle, toxicity may not be at all or a very mild form, as a healthy body is much easier and less painfully rebuilt to new condition.

Normal toxicity is considered to be the vomiting that occurs up to 4-5 times a day. If it is repeated up to 10 times a day and is accompanied by deterioration of health or fever, you should consult with your doctor. There are times when vomiting may be repeated up to 20 times a day. In this case, a pregnant woman is recommended to go to the hospital because her body can happen very quick loss of fluid and nutrients necessary for the normal development of the fetus.

In most cases, the main signs of toxicity tormented woman who bears a child, to an average of 12 weeks of pregnancy. If multiple pregnancy, these symptoms may persist for up to 15-16 weeks. Because the body responds to the adaptation to foreign particles.

Нудота при вагітності: в яких випадках не можна відкладати візит до лікаря

More rare bouts of morning sickness at a later date and such unpleasant symptom as nausea may occur in the third trimester of pregnancy. In this case, this is due to the growth of the fetus, which begins to put pressure on the internal organs of the expectant mother. In most cases, nausea in the later stages is a reaction of the liver to squeezing.

Also nausea may appear at the 40th week. Most likely, it is a signal that began the dilation before contractions.

The main methods to ease nausea during pregnancy:

  • A healthy and active lifestyle
  • Balanced and smaller meals
  • Walks in the fresh air for at least two hours a day
  • Hygiene of the room in which pregnant spends most of the time
  • At any degree of nausea required, after which it is better to lie a little
  • Airing the bedroom, where a pregnant resting and sleeping
  • Refusal from fat, smoked and salty food as it causes even more nausea
  • Do not drink during meals, drink in between meals
  • In the case of such harmful habits like Smoking, you should give it at least during pregnancy, and better for all.