Navet Confit is launching no less than 10 albums a shot!

Navet Confit lance pas moins de 10 albums d’un coup!

Nearly two decades exploring a furrow of its own, the free-electron sometimes pop, sometimes rock unveils this week, no less than 10 albums, bringing together previously unreleased songs under various themes.


Of course, it is difficult to criticize a dozen works in the allocated space, but I wanted to highlight the feat by revisiting the key moments of the delivery muscular.


Also composer for the theatre, the singer and multi-instrumentalist local offer, on the triptych Mr. candies in the Theatre, a series of pieces ambient, and electro that could appeal to fans of, you guessed it, Brian Eno.

On the EP Skydancer, Turnip Confit explores a kind unsuspected : the dance music. Better yet, exercise seems not only sincere (read here : not ironic or to the nth degree), but is also convincing.

The main party does not, however, that in the exploration, as evidenced by the three of a kind Nostalgia Incubator where there are rooms set aside in the course of his publications of the last few years. Taken as a chronology of the discography of the artist – or even a certain sound alternative in Quebec, this series is still captivating, although less surprising.


The cherry on the sundae, Turnip Confit also offers a compilation of covers of pop planing and rock shifted – Covers of dreams – where the interpreter adapts the classic Elton John (Daniel), Marc Balavoine (I do not know what I call me), and even the Company creole (That makes you laugh the birds).

Artist without compromise, Turnip Confit can only divide. Is it leaps in the work and the interpretation a bit ” slacker “, that is, one avoids. You have to check.

Lindsay Lohan


Back To Me (Black Caviar Remix)

As announced in the beginning of the year, I’ll discuss some of the singles when the current will be scanty by albums weekly. Where is that return on a remix of Back To Me, piece highlighting the “return” of Lindsay Lohan to the song. Since its unveiling in April last – where the three (!) the authors of the tune are delivering a text highly evocative, inspired by the descent to the Underworld, and the ascent of the actress and singer –, one is connecting to the remix of the extract and this one is surely the most basic of the lot. Despite the content of the statements and the quality of the interpretation, the music – it pays in the dance predictable, cliche, almost a parody.



No Distraction (Khruangbin Remix)

For the subscriber(s)of this column, you may recall my disappointment bordering aneurysm in addressing Colors of Beck, an album flush with the daisies for the veteran pop iconoclast. Rest assured, the artist has heard me (it is nice to dream, eh) and now offers consolidated versions of certain pieces, including this one. While No Distraction seemed to be first of all a pastiche of a hit of Bruno Mars, minus the charisma of the latter, the new proposal more dub, summer and hovering gets better.

Carla Bruni



The grande dame of folk French returned in force. After a well-noted in the tribute album to Guy Béart driven by his daughter Emmanuelle, Carla Bruni book here a “return to the sources” – think of folk-pop flirting with bossa-nova – with this new preview of an LP to come. For those of you who – like me – have remained on their hunger with French Touch (a disk of times as honeyed as soft, or lazy), you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Coup de coeur



Pray For It

Launched first as a rock band bluesy and howler, July Talk slip more and more, over the years, to a tangent of pop, electro and committed. Pray For It, their third album in career, demonstrates that the transition is as complete as satisfactory (the fans of The National and of the recent works of the Metric, in particular, will appreciate). Okay, fans of the first hour – including me – will have to be patient with the restraint that the project is now evidence and the production too polite to Pray For It, but the exercise is worth the effort.

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