Nazarbayev has proposed that the EU join the integration with the EEU

Назарбаев предложил ЕС присоединиться к интеграции с ЕАЭС

The first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed the European Union acceded to the integration with the EEU and the Chinese initiative of the new silk road. He stated, speaking at a forum of “One belt, one road”.

Such a Union would ensure global integration for the benefit of all.

“Now the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin talked about the alignment of the EAEU with the plan of the silk road. This mate is very important. In the future, if the European Union would join the “one belt One road” and the EAEC, it would be a global integration in the Eurasian great subcontinent for the benefit of all”, – said Nazarbayev.

According to the former leader of Kazakhstan’s initiative of the silk road actually refutes many theories of the collapse of globalization and hard regionalism.

“I am deeply impressed that through the construction of “One belt, one road” the President of China, XI Tszinpin calls for joint construction of a common destiny of mankind,” – said Nazarbayev.

The concept of “One belt, one road” is an international initiative of China on the improvement of existing and creation of new trade and transport corridors linking more than 60 countries of Central Asia, Europe and Africa. The idea of formation of “Economic belt of the silk road” was proposed by the leader of China, XI Jinping, WLO his visit to Astana (the old name of the capital of Kazakhstan Nur Sultan) in September 2013.

In may 2015 the leaders of Russia and China following the talks, the Kremlin adopted a joint Declaration on the Eurasian economic Union and the project “Economic zone of silk road”. Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier that the agreement would be signed in the coming months.