NBA: “The Last Dance “, the epic of chicago Bulls of Jordan in five moments

NBA: « The Last Dance », l’épopée des Bulls de Jordan en cinq moments forts

“The Last Dance “, on the epic journey of Michael Jordan at the head of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s with six titles gleaned in eight years, has delivered its last two episodes. The opportunity to revisit some of the highlights of the documentary.

Jordan l'” inactiviste ”

His countless exploits, his rage and his record arguing for the best player of all time. On the other hand, his political commitment has been non-existent. This was often criticized, as in 1990, when he refused to support the democratic candidate black Harvey Gantt in race for senate in North Carolina against the republican Jesse Helms, known for his positions as racist.

We gave him this sentence, cynical, “republicans also buy sneakers,” which écorna his image. After having long denied this, Jordan admits to finally having uttered these words. This quote, ” I said jokingly in a bus with Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen “, he says with regret, adding not to be ” ever considered to be an activist “.

The abandonment of Pippen

Episode 7 evokes the significant incident in which Scottie Pippen, then captain of Bulls orphans of Jordan party, try baseball, refused to play the last possession of a game play-off 1994 against New York, vexed not to be the shooteur designated by Phil Jackson.

“We could not believe that he had done it. We were devastated, ” said Steve Kerr. “The next day I get a call from Michael who told me: “I don’t know if Scottie is going to recover. It always comes back the haunt at one time or another”, says Jackson.

Twenty-six years after, the prophecy of Jordan is carried out internationally. “It was one of those incidents which I would have hoped that it never happens, but if it were to happen again, I wouldn’t change anything,” said Pippen.

The pizza “poisoned”

Match N. 5 of the finals in 1997. Jordan, feverish and exhausted, managed a performance anthology (38 points) to a crucial victory of the Bulls to Utah. But the famous “flu game” (the game of the flu) was not one of them, Jordan has actually suffered from food poisoning.

“We were at the hotel. He was hungry, and I ordered a pizza. Everyone knew where we stayed. They came to five to deliver it to you. I had a bad feeling about this, ” says his former physical trainer Tim Grover. “At 2 a.m., he called me. I found him curled up in a fetal position. 100 % sure that it was a poisoning. ”

The seventh title

“The last dance” where the quest for a 6th and last rite was an outgrowth of the decision of general manager Jerry Krause not to renew Phil Jackson, since he did not want to rebuild a team around Jordan.

However, the latter ensures that, after the fact, if the leaders had asked Jackson, Pippen, Rodman and himself, leaving to go back to a 7th title, ” all would have accepted “. “It is infuriating, because I felt that we could win. ”

“He said that. But there was no chance for that Pippen signed a year longer, knowing that a big contract was expected elsewhere, ” contradicted the former owner of the Bulls Jerry Reinsdorf. He also mentions a detail forgotten: “Nobody wants to remember, but during the offseason, Michael had slashed a finger with a cigar cutter. It would not have been able to play this year “.

Ideal target, Jerry Krause, who died in 2017, can’t respond to criticism. But his widow has delivered to NBC excerpts from his memoirs have never been published, in which he explained that “the age and the dissolute life of Dennis Rodman” and “the two operations incurred by Scottie Pippen” had forced her to renew the workforce.

The eyes turned yellow

Images showing Jordan the time of its splendour, in contrast with those where he is being interviewed in his home in a wheelchair. On hand, a cigar in an ashtray and a glass of tequila Cincoro, mark of which he is a co-owner.

The first thing that strikes the eye even more, this are his own, yellow.

The Internet has not failed to worry about it, seeing the signs of health problems, associating them inescapably to the alcohol. These speculations result in the addition of a stage referring to the image of a man alone in his huge villa, like a Citizen Kane of the NBA to sometimes struggle with her emotions infront of the camera.

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