NBA: the recovery “may not be for everyone,” says Silver

NBA: la reprise «peut-être pas pour tout le monde», dit Silver

Los Angeles | The boss of the NBA Adam Silver said Monday that the resumption of the season, scheduled for late July in Orlando was ” may not be for everyone “, repeating that it was leaving to the players choice.

Between fear of the coronavirus, isolation away from families and the fight against racial injustice, ” I can only say that this is may not be for everyone. This will involve huge sacrifices for the players and for all the people involved, the coaches, the referees… I don’t want to water down “, he told ESPN on Monday.

“If a player chooses not to come, it will not be a violation of his contract. We accept this “, he flowed, now as soon as the position of the league, which has said from the beginning that she would tolerate the absences of players advocating for health or other reasons.

Since the NBA announced its plan for a return to the game at the 22 teams in the “bubble” of Disney World, set 31 July (a date likely to be advanced to 30), many players have expressed various concerns.

A certain number of them, in the wake of the star, Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving, see, inter alia, that the time is not basketball, but in the mobilization for the fight against racial injustices, after the death of George Floyd during his arrest in Minneapolis on may 25.

“I’m not going to play in Orlando. There is something that does not smell good, ” said the leader, however, is not affected by this recovery, as he is recovering from an operation to his right shoulder.

Responding indirectly to those players who wish to focus their efforts in the fight against injustice and racial violence, Adam Silver has estimated that a return to the game would, in fact, “an opportunity” for them ” to draw attention to these issues because the eyes of the world will be turned to the NBA “.

The boss of the instance has admitted that he could not be “unanimity of views” among the approximately 375 players affected by the economic recovery in Florida. He assured that the NBA would continue to discuss with the players union to preserve the health of the teams, and promote the fight for social justice.

The league and the players will be able to “solve most of these problems in the course of the next few weeks,” he pointed out.

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