NBC: of the United States next week will announce a reduction of troops in Afghanistan

The sources of the TV channel did not say when it planned beginning of withdrawal of troops.

NBC: США на следующей неделе объявят о сокращении контингента в Афганистане

NEW YORK, December 15. /TASS/. The U.S. administration plans next week to officially announce the decision to reduce the number of us troops in Afghanistan, about 4 thousand people, up to 8-9 thousand. This was reported on Saturday broadcaster NBC, citing three sources among current and former officials of the United States.The sources did not disclose when it planned to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. This process, according to the publication, will be phased in over several months due to the suspension of the shift troops on a rotational basis.

The Secretary of defense mark Esper during his visit to Kabul in late October stated that the United States can reduce its contingent in Afghanistan to 8.6 thousand soldiers, without prejudice to the fight against terrorist groups operating in this country. Currently in Afghanistan there are about 14 thousand American soldiers who are busy training the Afghan army, but also directly participate in field operations against the extremists.

The military operation in Afghanistan has been ongoing for more than 18 years – since October 2001. At the peak of the campaign, in 2010-2013, the number of Western troops in the country exceeded 150 thousand people. The main combat forces of the US and NATO withdrew from Afghanistan in 2014.

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