Near Lyon, a narcotics control triggers a winning search

    Near Lyon, a narcotics control triggers a winning search

    By Jeremy Bonnet
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    Two people were taken into police custody on December 14, 2020 for drug trafficking in the town of Venissieux, near Lyon (Rhône) (©DR)

    December 14, 2020 at 6:20 p.m., when the police had been requested for the presence of suspicious individuals on the roof of a building located on Boulevard-Lénine (which was nevertheless empty on their arrival) in Vénissieux (Rhône). They were led to control a man leaving an apartment which he locked and from which emanated a strong smell of cannabis resin.

    Arrested, this 17-year-old from Lyon was found to be carrying 29 grams of cannabis resin and one gram of herbal cannabis. The apartment was then searched and 1,437 kg of resin, 75 grams of weed and 24 grams of cannabis oil were found. During the search, the legitimate occupant of the premises appeared and was also taken into police custody.

    Narcotics dealer

    Heard by the investigators of the GLSES center, the first arrested admitted to being a narcotics dealer but not usually having the key to the apartment, while the second recognized his role of “nurse” but refused to indicate to whom he had left them. keys to his apartment.

    The reseller is presented to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the same day. The tenant of the apartment was left free with a COPJ for judgment at a later date.

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