Near the American air base in Afghanistan a suicide bomber caused the blast

Возле американской авиабазы в Афганистане смертник устроил взрыв

In Afghanistan on the territory of Bagram district near large us air base bombings.

The explosives were placed in the cars.

Reported by the BBC.

Near the base are hospital and school.

The aim of the attack was an attack on a nearby hospital. Previously, the explosion arranged by a suicide bomber.

Three people were killed.

According to preliminary data, there are victims among the civilian population.

The Afghan TV channel Tolo News reports on the clashes after the explosion between “foreign military personnel” and the attackers.

Bagram is located about 60 km North of Kabul on the territory of the County is a large US military base.

The President of the United States Donald trump 28 Nov flew to Afghanistan with an unannounced visit.

There he announced that the United States returned to negotiations with the Taliban and a possible cease-fire.

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