Nearing this year’s first mercury retrograde. Here’s how to survive without losses

Близится первый в этом году ретроградный Меркурий. Вот как это пережить без потерь

2018 will be different space strong activity, writes The Limitless Minds.

We have seen the enormous power of the lunar Eclipseand that was just the beginning. Lovers of astrology know that 2018 is the year of dramatic changes; the Moon a couple of times to show his power, and mercury three times will be retrograde cycle. These three times will be used in spring, summer and winter.

Cosmic energy is excellent motivates, stimulates and energizes so that this year you will have a great chance to make serious changes in your life or to get away from everything that makes you unhappy.

It is important to note that the energy of mercury retrograde is often manifested in the fact that turns everything on its head. It will bring confusion, disorder and chaos that can overwhelm our lives if we let them.

To “beat” the mercury retrograde and come out a winner, experts advise not to start during this period of major projects, not to accept critical decisions and not to buy expensive things. Also very useful at this time to limit its dependence on electronics, because the expected numerous technical breakdowns, crashes and errors.

Близится первый в этом году ретроградный Меркурий. Вот как это пережить без потерь

Famous astrologer Anna Payne gives the following tips for survival during mercury retrograde:

1. Take a deep breath; it’s not forever.

2. Reduce speed, do not hurry and pay attention to detail.

3. Take care of whatever requires reassessment and revision; this is a good way to direct this energy in a positive direction.

4. It’s the perfect time to heal the mistakes of the past or to reconnect with someone from the past. This phase gives us the opportunity to go back and make adjustments.

5. Observe, evaluate, and release. Don’t forget to breathe!

The first retrograde cycle: March 22 – April 15.

This cycle will be in Aries and will lead to serious emotional imbalance in your soul. You will be confused, impulsive, hasty decisions and haphazard actions.

But you will have the chance to feel and see how you feel and see others. You will get the opportunity to see everything with absolute clarity and to correct all of the connections and relationships with people.

In any case, the pressure will be strong. Do not forget that this is temporary and not to lose patience.

The second retrograde cycle: July 25 – August 11.

This cycle will be in the constellation Leo. I think it will be easier? And here and there — will be even more tension, drama, quarrels and irritation.

The energy of this retrograde cycle will affect the social and mental side of our personality. However, patience and serenity: if it gets out of control, it can end in complete disaster. Try not to take anything to heart and avoid toxic people.

The third retrograde cycle: November 1 — December 6.

Unlike other cycles, this will represent the passion and enthusiasm. It will be a real transition in Scorpio.

The negativity of the first two retrograde cycles will be replaced by pure passion and creativity. This is a good period for personal development and learning new things.

Are you ready for mercury retrograde?

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