Necessary restructuring

Restructuration nécessaire

The young players from the Impact Academy have not graced a soccer field for a month and a half, but the direction is active to keep them moving.

“There has been no meetings since that one is in containment. The challenge is to keep the interest of young people and keep them active, ” acknowledges Patrick Leduc, executive director of soccer operations at the Impact.

The management is committed to doing a follow-up group and individual to ensure that motivation is maintained.

“It all starts with an individual programme of maintenance. Yes, there are the race and muscle activities, but there are ways to make videos into teams and the teams challenge themselves. “

Big change

Leduc, Philippe Eullaffroy, who is the director of the Academy, and their friends have a big challenge ahead of them since Soccer, USA has announced, in the middle of the month, that the U. S. Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) putting an end to his operations.

All the teams of the Academy in montreal moved within this loop of development that has renounced, in particular due to the financial pressure imposed by the surprise arrival of the COVID-19.

“We were not completely surprised, stressed Leduc. The MLS was expected to happen sooner or later.

“The decision of the american federation ensures that there is work to be done. It will be necessary to redefine the divisions. It is necessary to see if this will lead to a restructuring of age categories. ”

New league

In the current context, it is not clear how will the following things, but some of them were already addressed on the record well before the decision of Soccer USA.

“There was work already begun between some directors of the Academy, then we do not start from zero.

“The league will never be the same, but it could be managed by the MLS and on some aspects, it may be better. The MLS had established higher demands for the USSDA. “

Leduc pointed out that there were some irritants in the USSDA, which brought together teams of the academies of the MLS, the same as private clubs.

“One of the irritants for the U19 and U1 is that there were games that equal too much larger gaps, the victories were too easy.

“One of the principles of founding an academy, MLS, is to have tight games to advance young people. A point of sports, it would be positive. “

Take the time

For the time being, the activities of detection to fill the ranks of the various courses of the Academy of the Blue-white-black have to stop, but it does not impose a complete brake.

“We have people who do the recruitment who have seen a lot of games and a part of the detection, especially for the préacadémie, was already made. “

We’d also like to take the opportunity to do a work more in depth in the teams current.

“We can develop certain aspects of the game, there is the work that is being done that we don’t always have the time to do when one is in the daily life of the Academy,” says Leduc.

As to a possible resumption of activities, it will be necessary to take the time it takes. For the moment, this is not a problem since the season was to end in June, since it is modelled on the school year.

“I don’t want to put too much pressure to return too quickly, he insists. There is a willingness of the government to gradually resume. It also monitors what is done in Europe.

“Is this going to be soccer as it is known, or of the technical sessions with distancing ? It’ll have to be creative. This is not golf or tennis, there are the contact. Will have to see how we will be able to return to the practice of the sport in a safe manner. “

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