Negative Perception of China: democrats and republicans in agreement

Perception négative de la Chine: démocrates et républicains en accord

If the political polarization in the United States seems to have reached its climax, there still seems to be a few subjects on which the supporters of democrats and republicans come together.

The Pew Research Center today revealed the results of a survey on how Americans perceive China. If their perception is generally more negative since 2012, the phenomenon is gaining momentum with the outbreak and the spread of the COVID-19.

It is understandable that the spread of a virus that the first outbreak was a chinese city could have a material impact on the opinion that one has of another country, the role of disorder in China at the beginning of the crisis is not the only factor that influences perceptions.

The Pew Research Center asks Americans on this subject since 2005, and several indicators are used extensively to explain an opinion that is often less favourable. Among these are: loss of employment in the United States due to the chinese competition, the question of human rights and the fight against climate change.

Despite the economic difficulties and the tense relations of the administration to Trump with the historical partners of the United States, Americans are still convinced of the economic superiority and military of their country. A world influenced by the us giant is clearly preferable to a chinese domination.

Interestingly, if the republicans are generally more suspicious that the democrats in the face of China, they now converge in regards to the negative perception.

Among the themes that will animate the presidential campaign 2020, that of relations with China could be the centre of attention. Already engaged in an arm-wrestling business, the president Trump tries to present his rival Joe Biden as a low or even a friend of China.

If Biden was quick to react to attacks as early as Monday, you can expect that the outgoing president exploits this issue in the coming months. Donald Trump moves on, however, into a minefield. You may have noticed that his entourage and spoke to him less and less of the “virus” chinese.

While it is tempting to see China as the source of our troubles, it should also spare the susceptibilities of the leaders with whom it has negotiated a new trade agreement.

During this time, China continues an operation of the boutique by providing expertise and equipment to countries who are fighting the COVID-19. Moreover, it is with China that the California governor Gavin Newsom has entered into an agreement for a billion dollars to buy masks.

If you want to read the survey by the Pew Research Center, you click here.

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