Negotiations, claims and election to the menu of the CSN in 2018

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Jacques Létourneau, president of the Confederation of national trade unions (CSN)

Negotiations, claims, election, the president of the Confederation of national trade unions (CSN), Jacques Létourneau, presented, Friday, the priorities of the organization to 2018 in the framework of his traditional press conference in anticipation of the new year.


Three major themes emerge from the plans of the CSN to 2018 : negotiation of collective agreements, employment and workers ‘ rights, as well as the upcoming election campaign. More than 53 000 workers and workers who are members of the CSN are going to undertake or pursue negotiations for their collective agreement in 2018. A number which it is necessary to add 80 153 employees in the health care community who must negotiate local variations to their contract of employment. These negotiations represent, obviously, a major priority for the trade union centre, said Mr. Letourneau.


On the side of the claims, the NSA intends to maintain the pressure on the federal government in relation to the shipyard Davie, so that the business gets its “fair share” of public contracts. Jacques Létourneau reveals that a meeting is planned in January with the prime minister Justin Trudeau on this topic. “We are told that there will be announcements for the yard Davie. You will want to because they are the 800 workers who were laid off just before Christmas, ” recalled the president of the CSN in an interview with The canadian Press.


The central association also plans to call for greater reinvestments in the public services in the wake of significant budget cuts imposed in recent years. “There, we reinvested a little bit, but never to the height of the cuts. We will mainly lead the budget surplus to the generations Fund and the repayment of the debt, ” observed the clerk.


There is, however, a contradiction, because, in the meantime, it robs young people of services. “Future generations are in schools and need the resources,” said Jacques Letourneau, who denounces at the same time, announcements of tax cuts.


Election campaign


Impossible to talk about the year 2018 without mentioning the provincial election campaign approaching. The CSN will take part in the public debate with the unveiling of platforms for the election of regional according to the needs of its members. “One does not call people to vote for such or such a party, but they put forward claims very clear in the sense of the defense of the workers “, explained the chairman of trade union.


The CSN will require commitments in relation to public finances and the Law on labour standards, in addition to discuss the economic vision of the party.

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