Nemo, the Macron’s dog, takes the stage against animal abandonment

    Nemo, the Macron’s dog, takes the stage against animal abandonment

    Nemo, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron’s dog, is for the first time the star of a video posted Tuesday, December 22 on social networks to warn against animal abandonment and to promote adoption.

    Truffle in the air, the four-legged companion of the presidential couple barks in the short video to testify, using subtitles, of his fate of an abandoned dog before being adopted in 2017 in a SPA refuge in Yvelines .

    «My story begins with an abandonment (…) Like me, 100,000 animals are abandoned each year“In France, he says in this video posted on Emmanuel Macron’s accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and Facebook. “So, on Christmas, adopt them. But adopt in conscience», He adds.

    The text specifies that a “action plan will be implementedTo promote adoption, to which the recovery plan will devote 20 million euros. “Abuse will be more severely punished», He indicates. “Because your pet is part of your family. He is counting on you», Concludes the video.

    In January, Parliament is due to continue discussing a bill to combat animal abuse, which aims to “improve the conditions of keeping pets and equines”, Notably via the creation of an awareness certificate for any acquisition of a future animal.

    A crossbreed dog of Labrador and Retriever-Griffon, Nemo has become the darling of the Élysée, where he regularly appears alongside Emmanuel Macron, especially during visits from foreign leaders.

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