Neo-colonial politics: how the US state Department explained the illegal control of oil production in Syria

Неоколониальная политика: как Госдеп США объяснил незаконный контроль нефтедобычи в Сирии

Oil in the us military-controlled areas in Eastern Syria mined the local authorities, said the US state Department. Earlier the defense Ministry reported that mined at these deposits of black gold smuggling is implemented with the support of the American party, and the proceeds paid into the accounts of private military companies and intelligence services of the United States. According to experts, the statement of the state Department is intended to soften the harsh rhetoric of Donald trump, who has previously talked about wanting to take control of the Syrian oil fields. Analysts also pointed to the fact that American troops are in Syria illegally, and compared their actions to seize oil wells with the colonial policy.

Oil in the us military-controlled areas in Eastern Syria produces “local authorities”. The journalists of the Western media said the representative of US state Department.
“Oil is extracted by local authorities to their local communities. We in the state Department, there is no indication from the administration to do anything with the oil fields,” Reuters response to the Agency on a question of journalists, whether involved US in the development of deposits.The United States will impose sanctions against Turkey, if the troops of the Republic will open fire on Kurdish groups in the North-East of Syria, said…
At the Pentagon, in turn, said that all profits from the sale of oil goes to the Arab-Kurdish Syrian democratic forces (SDS).On the East Bank of the Euphrates river is concentrated about 90% of Syrian oil production. After the formation of the “Caliphate” of ISIS* in Eastern Syria and Western Iraq, this area was under the rule of terrorists, and is now controlled by Kurdish armed groups of the Syrian democratic forces, which are allies of the United States.
Yesterday the AP reported that the President of the United States Donald trump endorsed the holding of the enhanced military mission to protect oil fields in the region.
According to sources, the Agency assumes the presence in Syria of hundreds of American soldiers who will “protect” a significant part of the territory of Deir ez-Zor to al-Hasaka.
As indicated in the material, the decision of the head of the White house negates the assumption that the major part stationed in Syria, the us military will soon return home from Syria, trump repeatedly promised earlier.
In an interview with RT expert of Association of military political scientists, head of the Department of political science and sociology REU named after G. V. Plekhanov Andrey Koshkin said that such vague statements of the US state Department wants to present the situation as if American forces don’t control oil, but only protect it from terrorists.

“Today, opponents of the US President blame him that he uses the bowels of another country without the permission of the government. Therefore, the state Department used this phrase to soften the hard words trump on this account”, — he explained.

The kidnapper production

Throughout the month, with the past trump statements about the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, the US President has repeatedly stressed the importance of control over the Syrian oil fields.

It was under the pretext of not allowing the terrorist group ISIS to the oil fields, it was decided to leave part of the USA’s troops in the East of Syria, despite the fact that trump originally promised to return all American military home.

“The oil field referred to in my yesterday’s speech about Turkey and the Kurds have kept ISIS until the United States seized them with the help of the Kurds. We will never allow an “Islamic state” seize them!” — trump wrote on Twitter on 24 October.
In his speech after the elimination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi trump has said repeatedly that the United States will leave its troops in the region to control the oil.

“We don’t want to keep troops between Syria and Turkey for another 200 years. Their confrontation lasts for centuries. We derive the troops. But let’s leave the military to control the oil. Maybe it will have to compete. It’s not terrible. Quite possibly, someone else wants this oil, then they will meet serious resistance. There are huge reserves of oil,” explained trump.

In addition, in the same speech, the US President lamented that his predecessors had established control over the Iraqi oil fields after the invasion of that country in the early 2000-ies.

Washington intends to leave part of their troops in the settlements around the oil fields in northeast Syria. This was stated by the Minister…”If you read about the life of Donald trump, you know that I was a civilian. I had no relation to the invasion of Iraq was strongly opposed. But always said: “If they’re going to go to Iraq, then leave oil”. But they didn’t do it,” added trump.

Soon trump openly stated that the US wants not just to defend Syrian oil fields, but to leave them under his direct control. In a speech on 29 October, trump said, “We want to keep oil. $45 million a month? We will leave oil”.

Such statements he did, and long before he became President.

“You win the war you’ll be taking the oil… You’re not stealing anything… We’re taking back $1.5 trillion as compensation,” he said in 2011 in an interview to ABC about the actions of the US in Iraq.Then he said that the US should invade Libya only if it would mean taking over local oil fields.

“Libya is interested in me only if we get the oil. Otherwise, I’m not interested,” explained trump, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.
Such an obsession with the trump of oil, now Syria, has criticized the presidential candidate from the Democratic party Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi, which has consistently protested against America’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.

She said that trump has seized oil fields that rightfully belong to the Syrian people and he needed to survive and build a life in the country.

“Are energy resources that belong to the Syrian people. And it is a disgrace to our military”, — the politician told the TV channel Fox News.

Commented on statements of trump and the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad.

“I would argue that he is the best American President, but not because of his policies, but because of its transparency, — SANA quoted Assad. — Trump says transparently, saying: “We need oil”. This is the reality of American politics, at least since the Second world war.”

According to the head of the state, “the reality is that American presidents are a group of criminals that represent the interests of the American lobby”, including “oil companies and weapons manufacturers”.

The right oil

October 26, the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov called the actions of the US to establish control over the oil areas “international state gangsterism”.

He noted that neither international law nor U.S. law does not contain provisions under which the American military could be a solution “for the protection and defense of hydrocarbon deposits of Syria from Syria and its people”.

He noted that American forces control the Syrian oil production and its implementation.

The United States should cease to participate in a military campaign in Syria if the U.S. armed forces are no longer there…”the contract for the export of oil is implemented the US-controlled company “Sedka,” created in the so-called Autonomous administration of Eastern Syria. And the income from the smuggling of Syrian oil through a coordinated brokerage company goes into numbered accounts of American PMCs and the US intelligence services,” — said Konashenkov.

On 6 November, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Vershinin said that Russia will not cooperate with the US on the issue of Syrian oil. He noted that “to dispose of their natural wealth, including oil” should the Syrian people.

As noted by the Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Nikita Danuk, the US is on the Syrian territory illegally, in violation of international law. According to him, this behavior is a manifestation of neo-colonialism on the part of Washington.

“This neo-colonial policy, since the Americans captured the territory, ignoring international laws. They pointedly extort resources from the territory of another state and pumped money its structures, firms associated with oil production, transportation and implementation. This situation creates a powerful precedent,” he said in an interview with RT.The analyst added that the production of oil for Americans engaged in Kurdish, who now control the oil-rich region.

“They use the Kurds as Pro-American force, you can rely on. Using the oil the Kurds are buying the loyalty of Washington, but they can only do this as long as they have black gold. As soon as they cease to control these deposits, loyalty and commitment of Washington’s relation to them will disappear,” explained Danyk.

According to Danica obtained from smuggled oil sales means American intelligence agencies can use at their own discretion, without consulting with Congress.

“These unaccounted money can be used in a variety of schemes, including lobbying their interests on Syrian territory through various political groups. It’s also an easy way to get rich. The possession of these resources allows you to buy the loyalty of various political forces, which in the future can afford to destabilize the whole province or region”, — concluded the expert.

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