Neo-feudal classifications of Ukraine

Неофеодальные расклады Украины

Ukrainian President Zelensky decided on the model of power. It is neo-feudal. How Kharkiv region gave “feeding” Arsen Avakov illustrates how it will work with this model. The new Governor immediately indicated that he intends to torpedo the mayor of Kharkiv, and then immediately followed by “the return” from Gennady Kernes. Kharkiv mayor tried (…) to appeal to the President, but the neo-feudal system is not working: vassal Avakov is not a vassal Zelensky. In the interests of the President Zelensky to rely on local self – government is most legitimate in the eyes of citizens power. If he tried to build a system of presidential power, the mayors of the cities is the most stable base. However, the Ukrainian President accepted the fact that his power will be nominal – so went the way of the distribution of regions “feeding”, as seen on the example of Kharkiv region. Next year the sale of land increases the importance of local administration – this branch of government will provide the process of consolidation of capital on earth. The governors will be moderators of the process of legalization neo-feudal stratum, where in the second step will be fixed real power. Local government is the main obstacle on the road to neo-feudalism. Consequently, the main political battle of the next Ukrainian season will begin after the distribution areas in “feeding”. The battle will take place between the Kiev lords and nobility, entrenched in city councils of regional centers. If you win neofeudal – Ukraine is waiting for a rollback is not even 19, and in the 17th century. However, there is a slim chance that the nobility of large cities will give a serious rebuff and will be able if not to stop, to slow down this process. What, theoretically, can use Zelensky and begin to strengthen personal power, expanding neo-feudal tide.Semyon Uralov

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