Neon Abyss: a small jewel retro

Neon Abyss: un petit bijou rétro

Chaotic, frenetic, colorful, but above all highly addictive, Neon Abyss is quickly becoming a new staple of platform games modern.

The platform games are legion, such the cornerstone in the history of gaming that they are. We remember all the good old days of Megaman, Donkey Kong, Metroid , or Castlevania, all of the titles that have marked the genre and kept players glued to their screens for a long time.

But with a myriad of franchises launched during the past four decades, it now turns out to be particularly difficult to revolutionize the genre. Some, however, there may still be regular. This is what made today the british company Team17 Software with Neon Abyss.

And failing to reinvent the wheel, the game manages to stand out in a beautiful way, registering even among the best offerings of the genre for several years.

Neon and rhythms techno

Why ? First, for its aesthetic retro ultra-licked, the neon colors, supported by rhythms techno supported. It plunges immediately into a universe that is visually appealing, but frankly dynamic and singular. The player is called, dungeon after dungeon, each populated by hordes of enemies bédéesques to face in order to move to the next level.

Over the parts, crossed rifle raised, he will hand over various artifacts, wacky – and random – having a direct impact on the game. Some will give new physical skills. In other cases, this will be a support offensive more great, new battle modes, or the benefits of defensive.

But where the game charm particularly, it is in his universe fully scalable. Thus, although each part is relatively similar, it is never identical to the previous one. Result : we get tired a lot, much less quickly, and it takes more than fun to explore this crazy world and motley, but especially beefy and at times arid.

Because even if his premise remains at the end is rather simple, the experience is far from easy. Yes, it is at times frustrating. But it is above all a guarantee of continuity for this game, which, obviously, will keep us busy for dozens and dozens of hours.

♦ Neon Abyss is on the market now. Note : ★★☆☆

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