Netizens called the most ugly nation in the world

Пользователи Сети назвали самые некрасивые нации в мире

Residents of the UK, Poland, India and Russia was among the ugliest people in the world. Most of their applications for membership rejected by the members of virtual Dating club for “beautiful people” reports the Moscow 24.

The club accepted only after evaluation of the appearance of the candidate all applicable community members by voting. Its members rejected the candidates have 8.5 million people.

Voting lasts for 48 hours. If the majority of people in favor of the candidate, he can become a member. Otherwise, the application will be denied.

Thus was rejected by about 8.5 million people who wanted to join the club. The least among them were the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, it is particularly attractive users believe men of sneeze number.

The beauty of the participants is evaluated by several criteria, among which dirty skin, bad teeth, lots of vegetation on the body, figure, weight and other factors.