Netizens discuss the similarity of Boris Becker and his illegitimate daughter Anna Ermakova

On the illegitimate daughter of Boris Becker started to say since the advent of girls into the light. Today, the media continue to write about Anna Ermakova, only the agenda has changed. Instead of scandalous notes (in 1999 Angela Ermakova after having oral sex with Becker impregnated themselves. Later press interview, DNA test, divorce tennis with his wife) appear online articles about model success to Anne and her resemblance to his father. And now Internet users discussing the latest photos girls.

Recently Ermakova was 18 years old. Holiday party she threw in London, where not only were the lenses of phone cameras of friends and paparazzi. And then it started users went back to admire the resemblance of Anna and Boris. The same color of hair and eyes, same face… Well, five, ten, and fifteen years ago we discussed all the same.

Anna Ermakova

A year after the birth of Anna, her mother sold the photos daughter German tabloid Bild. Then Becker delicate children’s eyes from the Windows of the stalls was watching it: “Hey, dad, Boris”. And while Angela gave the athlete a DNA test, the need for it was not every day a girl was becoming more like his father.

Becker daughter recognized. Wanted to communicate. But if before 2007, Anna’s mother allowed the player to see her, after in all possible ways is prohibited. Today Boris praises daughter for achievements in social networks.

Anna is just incredible! It makes me excited! With Angela we are very lucky that we have such an amazing daughter.

The Anna confidently conquer the fashion industry trying not to use the name and relationships of the father and relying on our own strength.

Boris Becker

Angela Ermakova

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