Netizens laughed at the standards of “the good wife” from the Ministry of social policy

Пользователи сети посмеялись над стандартами «хорошей жены» от Минсоцполитики

In social networks Ukrainians responded to an infographic from the Ministry of social policy with the requirements of a modern wife. Women believe that these requirements are terrible.

About it the correspondent of ГолосUA.

So, the inhabitant of Kiev Ruslan Velichko expressed complete bewilderment to where, from what source the specialists of the Ministry took these standards of conduct.

“My dear Harris, you got me, of course, sorry, thanks don’t. What a wonderful time we live. Kind of dumb interpretation “to be flexible” we mean that the husband has the final word: “to avoid conflict” suggests that a woman should not question the ideas and decisions of her husband; “to be responsible for family planning”, alluding to the fact that contraception is a woman’s responsibility (and I thought that in this process the two involved).

Пользователи сети посмеялись над стандартами «хорошей жены» от Минсоцполитики

Further, “to be a good housewife” suggests that the most important role of women to worry about their own house and prepare food for the family. And the biggest trash – “trying to please her husband” so that the partner has agreed to an intimate relationship, and we must also “be chaste”, as the use of contraception sets the stage for excessive sexual freedom. Arrived. And my “favorite” “to tolerate the violence to keep the family together!!!”, — she wrote.

This post caused a number of emotional user reviews for Facebook.

“I will beautiful, wife – no),” writes Marinka Lavinskaya.

“Maybe we should try?”, — suggested Igor Bondarenko.

“To avoid conflict situations taught me wife. But to tolerate violence in any case is unnecessary! To earn less, willing to please – too much. The family is great. The survey makes it clear where you are and what life principles you need to reconsider,” said Igor Bondarenko.

Ruslan Velichko added that this survey, shown in the infographic shows what happens in the minds of men. “The survey made it clear what kind of trash is in the minds of men. On March 8 the survey to understand what the trash in the minds of women. Therefore, the survey makes it clear, as I have a sick society and how nabolee on both sides,” she writes.

Stas Kozlyuk joked about the topic: “the Church, kyuhe, that’s all, yeah.”

Alexander Karakaptan: “Subtly, I think, noticed. I decided to share…Live in the hallway of his life, it is, unfortunately, possible for many…”.

Vasilina Duman: “Puke and cry”.

Andrew, Hewko: “Dear our women! If you didn’t know that we live in such a society??? You’re not from the greenhouse. And, Yes, it is necessary to solve something”.

“I do not understand who? There is a crowd of those who think so, and here these women who support it. With whom to solve? Where to solve? Well it’s not human to take away from them is the happiness of masochism and destruction,” — said Ruslan Velichko.

At the same time Maxim Muratkin came to the defense of a new ideal woman from the Ministry.

“Great review my friend: Post in the framework of the training on manipulation, not more.
Excellent picture manipulation. Because even as it can be seen that:
90% of men believe that a woman should not tolerate violence.
63% believe that can earn more than her husband.
62% believe that should have an opinion and argue with her husband.
80% still regarding her chastity.
But who believes interest? Well it’s not vulnerable. Slapped keywords, drew pretty circles, went organic blades. And we still don’t know what the sample is and in what form questions. By the way, 90% of accidents occur through the fault of SOBER drivers,” he said.

Informed political expert Denis Gorokhovsky on his page in Facebook published the results of a study of the Ukrainian Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, about how men in Ukraine are a perfect wife. The material can be found on the website of the expert.

In his opinion, established in the Ukrainian society, the tradition of resolving family issues do not coincide with the version of events the Ministry of social policy.

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