Network users one photo made fun of all the fighters DNR

Пользователи сети одним фото высмеяли всех боевиков ДНР

The network showed a curious photo of the militants in the Donbas.

The corresponding video was published by blogger under the name Necro Mancer on Twitter.

In the picture you can see the goat, which stands in a field in the area of the militants. The author compared it with the occupier, which did not have time to issue the form.

“One, however, the form is not issued,” — said in the caption to the photo.

“The area is a Paradise for the sniper, coming to his full height and slowly. This is how far from the front lines?”, “They probably forgot to mention that this is the Eastern outskirts of the Gorlovka))”, “Given the presence there of the propaganda is very far”, comment photo users.

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