Neurosurgeons in St. Petersburg saved the patient from blindness

Нейрохирурги в Петербурге спасли пациентку от слепоты

Neurosurgeons of the Elizabethan hospital in St. Petersburg held a high-tech operation 37-year-old woman saved her eye, reports Nation News.

The woman suffered occlusion of carotid-cavernous fistula. For six months she went to the doctors complaining of a noise in the ear, decreased visual acuity, loss of memory and other symptoms. Was able to help her just at the Elisabeth hospital.

During the initial examination of the woman identified serious violations of the functions of the left eyeball. The disease was serious. It turned out that the cause of health problems, was injured in November 2018.

The woman was urgently admitted to the hospital and her special operation: occlusion of the fistula with detachable coils using a stent-assistance and methods of jailing.

After surgery, the patient has almost completely recovered eyesight.

Earlier in Moscow, the paramedics saved born in the home of a child he suffered a cardiac arrest. Currently his condition is satisfactory.